Larger storage for fine crates and more bonuses for fin items?

I just think that fine items should get a special bonus (more regen and less sleep time for fine beds, larger storage for fine crates and chests, hearthlings eat faster in fine chairs…).

Do you think it should be a good idea ? :slight_smile::thinking:


yea that would be useful, but for the beds idk (idk how being fine would exactly make you regen xD)

Well when injured or Knocked out, hearthlings regen slowly up to I believe a half heart. Fine beds could lessen the time to half heart or maybe even a 3/4 to a full heart.

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If the developers implement your idea, the crafters with the MIND = 6 will finally gain popularity because of the high chances of crafting the fine items. It’s right way.

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I don’t know. I like the idea, but I kind of like how it is now as just a cosmetic choice. I’m free to choose either based on what I think looks better. (Which mostly means I just focus on matching.)


I agree with @coasterspaul on this one. While it’s a nice idea, sometimes the “fine” version isn’t what ya wanna go with aesthetically.