Weapon type suggestion

With combat taking the spotlight in coming releases, a ton of new weapons have been added. I’m gonna go on a limb and assume there will be (at some point) damage to buildings as well - how else will we destroy goblin camps when we send a party over to take care of business?

My suggestion is to standardize the damage rating of weapons to their materials but specialise blunt weapons to smashing buildings and slicing weapons to hurting baddies.

To clarify, a bronze sword and bronze mace can both inflict 12 DMG. I suggest that the sword can have a +15% bonus against infantry and the mace a +15% bonus against buildings.

Whereas armour progression is very linear with (seemingly) significant stat increases between each set, I don’t see any point in having weapon variants, at the moment, other than for aesthetic reasons. Strategy-wise, players will always aim to build the highest damage-rating weapon and there would be a sad group of rarely-crafted weapons, eagerly waiting for their crafting button to be clicked. :laughing:

This can also apply to armour as well, with heavy and light armours having effects on speed/agility etc.



Well I think we should just throw stonehearths at them and then let them burn

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I would guess that building damage will involve voxels flying about and littering the place. Got a sudden craving for in-game catapults now…

Axes for both? What about different materials used in the construction?

Definitely want to see my hearthlings smashing up goblin huts, just saying it’s potentially rather complex :slight_smile: .


YES!!! Everywhere!!

Why not!

Can you clarify? Are you suggesting building materials being resistant to certain weapons/weapon materials?

that would make sense. if axes were good in fighting and destroying it would make sense if they could only destroy wood huts. a axe cant cut stone :wink:


I think we need some non-lethal weapons, especially if we’re going to allow the player to take a peaceful approach. Some of my previous suggestions were a throwable net (seen in gladiator combat, but used here for subduing targets) and blunt weapons and arrows.

I wouldn’t mind eventually looking at primitive firearms, but I think we’ve seen how that conversation goes…