Water generated by landmark is offset in specific rotations

So I adapted the rune site landmark and changed it into a little lake, with some water and a wetstone inside a rock creating a mini waterfall. In the image below you can see the hole filled with water ready to overflow into a nice waterfall:

But in a specific rotation, the water (created using the 0000ff voxel color) is shifted, actually overlapping the rock, as seem below:

Huh, that explains why the geyser I summoned yesterday came out so… borked, haha! Good catch.

As well as placing water into/overlapping solid terrain, this can also lead to air pockets/voids in the water; which plays absolute havoc with the physics. The geyser stone shows it dramatically since there’s so much detail to overlap; and it actually causes the lake to spawn empty and not fill even though the waterfalls are flowing.

The good news for anyone who experiences this bug is that the effect can be repaired: by forcibly filling the voids in the water using wetstones, and ensuring that any “patchy” areas of water on the bottom-level are connected up so that the base is totally covered, it’s possible to gradually force all of the water to update and start working properly again.

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Thanks - we’re looking into it : ).

As a temporary more robust fix Bruno, would it help if you give the whetstone a bit of a clearing inside that rock?
where a is air and 's is wetstone, top view. The right lower corner would be where the waterfall spawns.
(sorry its hard to show from mobile, I hope its clear enough)

That would be just replacing all the water with air? Too much work. When this goes public (in stable) it would already be fixed by the team.
Besides that would only work for those hidden spots, for an exposed lake there is no way around.

Ah I probably mis understood you then, the landmark is spawned with water and all instead of what is basically an empty bowl that fills itsself via wetstone?

That’s the intended behaviour. This bug can sometimes cause air pockets/missing water though, hence the confusion I think.

EDIT: included quote to prevent further potential confusion

It is not the intended behavior to chose coord x,z and end up in x+2,z+2 only in one direction, while the three other respect the x,z