[MP BUG] Unexpected water behavior - Water doesn't flow as expected; Depletes without collecting


In this example, water from a body of water atop a mountain is allowed to flow through a mined/constructed channel into a basin at the base of the mountain. The body of water was 4 tiles deep upon beginning to flow into the channel. The water only flowed at a fraction of a tile deep, creating a jagged edge where the water was once held back by stone. The jagged edge slowly lowers in height until the flow stops. The basin where the water should be flowing does not fill with water - rather, a puddle forms when the water begins to flow and dries up when the water stops flowing.

The unexpected outcomes in this scenario are:

A) The water does not flow as expected, forming harsh edges instead of becoming uniform.

B) The water does not collect as expected. Rather, it flows to it’s destination but does not collect there, continuing to flow only until the source is sufficiently drained. Once drained, the water ceases flowing and the puddle which formed in the destination reservoir slowly disappears.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a sufficiently long channel for the water which terminates in a basin. For reference, the channel in question I tested on was several hundred units long from end to end and 4 units deep throughout.

  2. Attach the channel to a water source above the basin by mining a tunnel from the start of the channel to attach to the water source.

  3. Observe where the water begins flowing - a jagged, irregular edge forms, instead of the uniform distribution one would expect from water.

  4. Observe the termination basin and source body. The water does not collect at the termination, but does slowly deplete from the source, resulting in a lossful system which eventually dries up.

Expected Results:

Water flows uniformly and collects wherever it terminates.

Actual Results:

Water flows irregularly and does not collect where it terminates, despite depleting from the source.


Any additional information/media/files can be provided upon request.


Version Number and Mods in use:

Version release-841 (x64)[M]
6 Mods in use:

Steam Workshop :: Better Storage - Better Storage
Steam Workshop :: Autoharvest Mod - Autoharvest
Steam Workshop :: Archipelago Biome - Archipelago Biome
Steam Workshop :: Specialized Loadouts - Specialized Loadouts
Steam Workshop :: Floating Physics - Floating Physics
Steam Workshop :: Patrol Points - Patrol Points

System Information:

Win 7 64-bit
Up to 4-player MP (have observed same behavior with 2 and 3 players as well. Have not tested in Singleplayer).