Waterfall physics a little odd

Summary: Waterfall is spraying to the side, making a huge mess.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Dig out a pond beneath proposed waterfall
  2. Dig a channel between mountainside lake and waterfall
  3. Dig out remaining blocks to ‘connect’ lake to channel

Expected Results: Lake to flow into channel, to flow to cliffside, to cascade vertically down in a nice, clean waterfall

Actual Results: Lake flowed into channel, to cliffside, then spat out horizontally and vertically downwards, filling pond and flooding neighbouring land.

Notes: I did dig out a little staircase at the mouth of the waterfall (somewhat visible in pictures), in my mind to ‘soften’ the cascade


Version Number and Mods in use: Alpha 13, no mods.

System Information: MS Windows 7 Home Premium, Intel Core i7-2600, 16 GB, NVIVDIA GeForce GT 545

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water isnt completed at the moment ^^ but very cool pic xD


You can have waterfalls?! I love the dynamic screen shot! I do hope that the devs will do more with water!

This effect is happening underground as well .i.e the effect goes through solid earth. This is still happening as off Release-687 (x64).