Bunny Fountain?

I found an interesting waterfall/fountain feature in my latest Northern Alliance game. Is this related to Clan Amberstone or just an awesome piece of generated terrain? It doesn’t seem like it would be natural and I hadn’t seen this on other Arctic maps I’ve been playing on.This should be an awesome place to build a few towers and bridges.


It’s part of the new Landmarks feature. Things like these will spawn on newly generated maps in the default biomes, and some of them can also be placed by the geomancer.


Oh wow, it’s awesome to see some naturally occurring waterfalls make it into the game!


Is there an option to assign certain entities to spawn on/near a landmark? I was thinking about adding some sub-biome features like swamp pools in the Temperate biome with unique plants.

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Yes. You can assign certain colors in the QB to represent entities (or random choices of entities) to spawn.


I seriously can’t wait the “4599854 new unique landmarks” mods to start arriving. That was such an amazing and well thought feature!


The credit goes entirely to @malley.


You guys excel yourselves recently. It will make the 1.0 even harder to grasp :glum:


Love this! So beautiful!

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So, I just had an idea…

… we could theoretically have landmarks dig into the ground, then replace most of the dirt on top, to create tunnels and caves, couldn’t we?

(lightning and thunder crashes in the background. Sirens wail as maniacal laughter fills the air. In the distance, fire and screaming…)

If this is indeed possible, then all those underground dungeon/cave system ideas from a few months back could slowly become a reality through mods. Better yet, we’ll be able to add surface indicators/hints for some of them.


i just found a found a big floating boulder on my latest arctic map

Yes, that’s definitely possible.

Can you upload a save with this one?

sorry i didnt mean the vanilla boulder, its seems like a landmark to me with one big 5x5 cube floating one block high

If it’s a landmark placing bug, that’s still helpful and something we want to reproduce and fix.

i just finish my tweak and upload a screen of it in 1 min

We definitely can! I tried making caves myself, but ran into a ton of problems - mainly with the caves reaching out into the main world. I did plan on going back and adding caves that do not attempt to reach out into the open world, but not sure i’ll have time : /.


I will be going over landmarks on the stream this thursday at 6pm pacific time : D, swing by and I’ll go over exactly how to do it!