Waterfalls have awesome effects now, but one block falls have effects bigger than 2 blocks


Either way, I really like the new effects.


I wish it would go the whole 4 blocks not just one :slight_smile:

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that comes down to the flow rate – if there’s barely enough water flowing to cover the stream then you’ll only get a narrow waterfall, but with more flow comes more impressive waterfalls.

In my current map I’m using a LOT of wetstones to keep the flow up so that my waterfalls fill the whole width they’re supposed to. Unfortunately I can’t get the water level any higher than just barely covering the stream beds.

You can probably get that right by having the initial water level high before it gets to flow, and then removing the intervening blockage?

It worked on the top level/“source pool”, I tried the same thing on the middle level but alas the outflow is just too high for it to remain steady. I suspect evaporation might be playing a part? I probably could spam even more wetstones into the middle level stream, but I had over 40 at one point and they couldn’t keep the level stable.

Speaking of that trick, it reminds me of another potential bug: even when the water does fill the block (or mostly fills it), the waterfall effect starts at the “bottom edge” rather than the “top edge” of the water.

This bug report is about the height of the effect, not the width. (I updated the image to better reflect that)

To get a wider waterfall, you need to add more stones, not to increase the flow, but to increase the water reach, i.e., to where it is flowing. The waterfall is exactly at the same line of the stone, so just add another stone to its right or left and you will get another waterfall to the right or left.

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I was told to use these stones sparingly because they add a big performance hit…

Adding @Albert, who is currently out, but should be able to look into this once he’s back.

There have been some significant optimizations to wet/dry stones. Don’t go crazy with them, but they should be somewhat more performant now.

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Thanks Bruno! The rendering artifact will be fixed in the next push.

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i gotta say though, to whoever made these falls: they are awsome looking :smiley:

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All of the waterfall effects were designed by @malley.