Water bug please fix that urgent its critical guys!

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Water ignore objects for now, only natural terrain is considered.

Yet water looks like it’s sort of considered buildings, sometimes, in the past? IIRC, building a floor in a pond raises its water level, for example.

Building a floor in a pond DEFINITELY raises the water level, I’ve been playing around with that tonight. AT least when you use stone.

I’m not sure what the problem is here, apart from “big spill” ; it doesn’t look like that structure would hold water regardless… Where is the water supposed to be flowing from?

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in real life, if there is to much water, the bucket, the sink or whatever you are trying to fill with water, overflows.

When you dig a path towards a water source the dept of that water seems to be the dept it can rise. So if the source is 3 deep from where you dig it wil overflow on a single high block

Interesting. Last time I caved a canal and had build a small wall to contain the water, and it didn’t worked, the water ignored it and flooded my canal.

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Hrm. It may be that constructions in water displace their volume, but are not watertight. So you can fill a pond with stone and raise the level a bit, but you can’t build an aqueduct or use walls to “push” a pond above the level of the surrounding terrain.

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Was about to write a bug on a water issue but this seems to be related.

Note the water source level.

Due to the depth of the canal dug to move water, you can see the water source/lake has actually drained! Water is not infinite!!!(Not that it should be but this might be a little too real world)

In order to avoid the issue shown above by Brazil_life of water overflow, you need a catch basin of sorts.

But you can see the issue persisted into my farm underneath the 2 ‘waterfalls’…

I could remove the 4 tiles and rebuild and the issue is fixed. The bug here would be that the water never evaporates, drains, or seeps into the ground. Almost as if the water ‘painted’ the block blue, but remove it and replace to fix. Unfortunately right now, ‘grass’ or ‘nature’ blocks are not available so if you remove blocks to remove the water look and replace, you will be forced to replace ‘unnatural’ material blocks.

Ok, canal depth and water draining from water source. It makes sense, if you remove 1 bock from the ‘shoreline’ and no water moves because the water level is always 1 voxel below it’s shoreline. Remove 2 blocks and 1 voxel, the bottom, is filled with water. If you let this flow to its destination, eventually the water will drain 1 voxel layer of the water’s surface. In the above attached screenshot you can notice that my water source has drained 2 voxel layer’s worth of water which is due to my canal being a total of 3 deep.

Side note- Water will only travel a limited distance. To supply my farm with water, building a 2 voxel deep canal was not enough and did not get water to the far right canal, forcing me to dig the canal deeper.

Suggestion- Don’t let the water flow… Once you have the water you need make sure to dam your canal back up, you might need the water later and digging a 4 deep canal or more just to get new water is going to blow!

Finally, I really hope in the future that water sources are NOT finite!

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We need two “Items”, one that creates water and one that destorys water.
Like a water stone and a drain stone.

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This is what happened to me!