Changing Water Depth Creates Visual Bug

If you change the depth of an unaltered body of water, after the first four blocks, the physics calculation stops working correctly, and the water level glitches out. (screenshot below)

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Find a small body of water and do not alter it in any way, other than by digging down (altering its depth)
  2. Observe the physics engine behaving as expected for approximately the first four blocks down.
  3. Once you go deeper, the physics engine will glitch out, resulting in the behavior seen in the screenshot below.

Expected Results:
The physics engine would continue to recalculate the water’s behavior as its container continues changing, eventually settling at the bottom.

Actual Results:
See screenshot below.


Save game: (6.3 MB)

Version Number and Mods in use:
A15 D2881 x64

@moderators this report has not yet been tagged. Just want to make sure it doesn’t get lost without getting categorized.


I’m going to throw a wrench in here, and say it has to be something with how you’re digging. I’ve successfully lowered the water level of a MUCH larger amount by almost 5 blocks now…


Good to know. Then the fact that it’s technique specific is part of the bug.

I’m wondering if the water actually does move properly and I’m just not seeing it change in the client. It doesn’t fix itself on a reload so the save should show it.

It looks like you have ‘floating’ blocks that haven’t been mined properly. Can you reload the save, build ladders onto them, and mine them?

I’m not trying to discredit your report, it’s just that I sometimes get unmined floating blocks!

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No problem, it’s a good catch and a decent assumption.

Nope, those are just spots where the water overlay has vanished entirely. The area is clear all the way down with no unfinished mining instructions.

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Not sure this helps but I created a river in order to get water near my building area. There were 2 drops(waterfalls), this is important because -
A) Water that landed on top of the ground and not in the small basin I created to store a larger mass of water, never goes away unless you mine the block… but then it is gone forever.
B) When attempting to deepen the 2nd channel of my river (after a save and a day of not playing) I noticed that even though the water was 1 block deep, when I took the last 2 blocks of the new depth level from the waterfall side, no water came over the edge as it had done originally. Meaning that just because I dug down to allow space for basically twice the amount of water doesn’t mean I ‘doubled’ the amount of water. (This is in relation to depth not length)

Maybe you can use this to fill in the gaps maybe not? Seems like water doesn’t multiply due to space available.

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My guess is that there are no source points like in Minecraft, but that the world spawns with sedentary pools of water which, at present, don’t react well to being modified or displaced.

I think, in my save at least, the water itself glitched out, because when Hearthlings move up and down the stairs, they don’t behave like they’re in water (the swimming movement, the slower speed, etc).

Interestingly, the game seems to still think the water level is at the standard level, because the camera doesn’t let me move through it like it would if the water line had steadily fallen down my canyon as I had dug it. The only way I can move the camera below the broken waterline right now is to use the slice tool, zoom in, then increase the height of the slice tool and carefully zoom out.

oh, whoops! i did some catching up and went through all the unread reports last night, mostly just tagging them, must have somehow missed this one…

thanks for pointing it out :slight_smile:

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@megashub: our first stepwell! :smiley: I love it! Thanks for discovering the bug, too. Paging @albert!