Hydrology: water floating lands

Summary: Water keeps floating the grounds after deleting blocks at the water border.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build road-blocks at any water border, so the actual border is being removed and water flows in the even grounds.
  2. Try to build blocks on the floated grounds, so the water keeps raising higher and sometimes, after loading the savegame, the water keeps raising again.

Expected Results: see summary

Actual Results:



Version Number and Mods in use: Mods: Release 699, Archipelago_Biome

System Information: Windows 7

Do you have a picture of this, as I’m not following…

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Water is kinda broken right now, save before digging around otherwise you could get some performance issues(worst case).

The water level is not the same high as the beach level, there is something wrong there, it is supposed to be down by half a block in height.
Please, send your save file to check this. Maybe it is an error in the mod, although I think it is not.

1485731847604.zip (7.4 MB)

I also figured this out (see image: water+ground blocks inside each other).

But it’s not a self-build floor, where water is above.

I’m checking it right now, and I’m going to at least delete the water and re-upload your save. Unfortunately, this is a bug with the game itself, it is a work in progress, the game tried to activate a code that isn’t made yet.

Sorry, I could only erase part of that water, but there is still some over the beach. And doing so raises errors every time you load the game again. Not only that, but the water is not updating anymore. So I guess there is no point for giving you another bugged save.

If you want, you can try to restart that game in the same seed, 1022935406. I would guess that the water get bugged after you dug that bigger hole underwater. But I’m not sure.

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Thanks for having a view at it. :slight_smile:

Even tho this safe is broken as hell, I really like the island feel man!

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