Alpha 17 - Release 610 (x64) - Water Bug



Under the newest update as of (8/15/2016), I’m having an issue with water. The bug should present itself once you load into my saved game file.

A few noteworthy things; for one, I noticed that when I mined out an area underneath a body of water, it caused a bug. However, this is just an assumption.

Secondly, after I simultaneously “im” or instantly mined multiple small spots (you’ll notice these spots along the in-game coastline), the water did not actually fill in the areas.

Lastly, and I could be wrong here, but it seems as though the overall water level is decreasing. To explain, I have one large lake on the map. Close by, I have a small pond. I mined out my own river and connected both the pond and lake. However, instead of the pond, lake, and river water levels, well, leveling out, the water seems to keep going down instead.

Steps to reproduce:
Unfortunately, I can’t say for sure what caused the bug to occur.

My best guess though would be the vast amount of water that is being moved, increased / decreased, lower / raised, etc. all at one time, possibly causing too much… and to put it the most un-computer-ized language possible… too much computing.

(Apologies, file was too large to upload on this website. If possible, I’d be more than happy to forward the save file to a Radiant employee, if it would help.)

Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 18 Release 610 (x64)

dont think water bugs are taken to serious since they are reworking the water system some point as faar as i can tell.

but yes you can destroy water currently lets say i drain a small lake to a big flat area…and there isent enough water to make a layer of water in the flat area the water will the drain in to the ground and disappear.

Also water can only spread across a spercific sized area meaning you cant just dig a gigantic hole and hope it fills correctly you need to dig 200 holes and make them in to 1 after you already filled them with water

rule of thumb! save before you even think about water!!! and make lots of separate saves since it can corrupt save game files…

and make water tests in empty maps! so you have an idea of what to do and what not to do.

Small bug only related because it’s water and a18: I had three Hearthlings in a row spawn in a lake.
Pro: Now I know they can swim
Con: They had to swim :wink:

Thanks to @Psyduck and @MostlyLost for the comments,

To Psyduck though, I’m not worried about the water bug, I just wanted to report it. Hopefully in small way it helps out. Either way though, thanks again for the comment.


And what bug is that? I’m not seeing any description of said bug here.

Water levels are dynamic right now. So a lake has a specific amount of water, that if you mine out, is being stretched out further. Thus your water level appears to be lower as it’s really just going farther.

“IM”-ing an area with water takes the computer a while to catch up to fill in said area with water.

So, sorry, but this is currently a feature, not a bug.

water levels are not completely dynamic tho …just try and empty a small pool of water on a big flat plains area and it will not be static or dynamic just disappear.

And you can great an infinity memory loop by building in water to the water has to flood an area it seems to me.
Particular if ammount of water is not large enough to flood the specified area…not all done testing this tho but so faar thats what happens for me…

I’ve changed the title to A17 for clarification because Release 610 is the stable release of Alpha 17 (Just to prevent confusion with what bugs were newly introduced by A18). Thanks

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Oops! Sorry about that. Thanks for the correction.


Hey @SirAstrix,

Thanks for the comment.

Everything you made note of I looked into in the game before the posting. The only reason for this posting is to hopefully, possibly even, in some small way, of helping out Team Radiant. It was a quick little note for them to check out.

Thanks again,