Water bug (maybe?)

I know water is not in our releases yet.

I noticed a bug when it was being demonstrated a week ago.
Here is the link: Twitch

Awesome that water flows from one place to another.
The problem I might have noticed is water goes up in one area, but does water go down in the area it is coming from?


I’ve changed the category to suggestions. Water is still being implemented, so things might still change. Anyway, thanks for pointing it out, if you think that it should behave that way.


yeah, I am sure water will go through a host of changes over the coming weeks/months… and yes, there will probably be some sort of improved displacement effect…

truth be told, im stoked that it was performing as well as it did in the video! :smile: :+1:


There’s two possibilities: Whatever tool Tom used adjusted the water level too or the pool (or lake) was just big enough so those few chunks didn’t matter for the overall level.

The water is somewhat static I believe, it has no real concept of waves (yet). So in order to fill the gap, the water level of the whole area lowers, not just the few chunks adjacent. That’s actually a big boost to performance, for little impact on the design.

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I just watched the 4/21/15 stream. Water does go down in the area it’s flowing from, it is clearly demonstrated if you watch it.