War of the overworld (a Dungeon keeper clone or more with commentary from the creator of dungeon keeper)

Hello, i only want to show a game that i found yesterday. War of the Overworld. War for the Overworld on Steam

First when i read about it i was thinking next dungeon keeper clone? Give me a break (i player last week the version from EA for the iPad). But when i read about the forums and the dev forum i was surprise. There was absolutely no negative comments about that game himself (only bug issues it is still alpha/beta). So i ask some question about it why everybody is so happy about this game even the AI and multiplayer is not added yet (!). Many people said that this game will be the next Dungeon Keeper.

So i look over the forum and i found this her:

Peter Molyneux know as the creator of Dungeon Keeper
Well that should be interesting maybe we get soon the next Dungeon Keeper and it is NOT from EA ;).

The game is still in Beta/alpha since 1 year and will be finish this year. Still work in progressive is the AI and the Multiplayer (not ready yet). After the release the price of the game will raise to 30 € (20 € now)

I already test it. It is not done yet you can play about 20-50 minutes than you have seen anything. But that is only because no AI is in and the multiplayer is still in alpha (you can get it if you sign up in the forum) and i didn’t test that. It feel like different from Dungeon Keeper 1 but it has a big potential in it so maybe you want to put it on you watch list. When the AI is in and the multiplayer done this will be definitely a Dungeon Keeper and not bad clone of some kind.

I’ve played a few games like this, dungeon keeper, impire, evil genius and so on, what does this game do differently than those? I’m kinda tight with money… So I want to be sure I’m spending it well :slight_smile:

i play some of them too but nobody did catch up with Dungeon Keeper but this game could be do it. We will see in some month the biggest challenge will be the AI because that is not yet in and that could go terrible wrong ;).

My childhood was ruined by EA’s Dungeon Keeper app game…LONG LIVE WAR FOR THE OVERWORLD!!!

EA’s Dungeon keeper for mobile sure has brought new attention to this game (as in this is the game EA should be making).
I backed this game way back during the kickstarter phase (funding ended jan 2013) War for the Overworld by Subterranean Games —Kickstarter

I will grant that most people who kickstarted the game basically wanted a game that was basically a remake of the original dungeon keeper but updated to modern pc (graphics/os mostly). [Note: I assume this because that was the main reason I backed it].

I would almost say negative attention… did you read the prices of gems? EA was a bit greed at that… you need littlery pay 5-10$ only for 1 (!) day booster…

Read this her: What the hell? :: War for the Overworld War for the Overworld