Oort Online by Wonderstruck

sooo, Oort Online just popped up on my radar…

admittedly, i was about to breeze over the article (minecraft clone!), but something caught my eye… i then watched the tech video (highlighting all the engine capabilities) as well as the game trailer… certainly has some very promising features!!

i am absolutely keeping my eye on this one… and with early access already available?

looks apologetically at his wallet

Game Trailer

Tech Video


I’d most likely get this game because of how pretty is it… :blush:


This sounds awesome. Now i just need to find out which packet to purchase hmmm.

Lines up red dot sight on his sniper rifle with @SteveAdamo’s forehead

This time you have crossed the line…You know I am starting to play Warhammer 40K but that still didn’t stop you, did it?

Pulls the trigger…

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Like in the figure game? Because then i feel bad for you. :wink:

What!? The matches look really fun…

I played Warhammer myself that stuff is EXPENSIVE :fearful:

I actually saw those videos on Youtube today, definitely something I’ll be getting once I get the chance

Looks pretty, but going to have to pass. It’s not so much the wallet you understand, as the clock - I just don’t have enough hours in the day :frowning: .

Oh boy… EVE online with Minecraft elements… You know what? I think the next time I see you post a topic in the Kickstarter or Other Games section, I’ll try not to click on it. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Actually, it looks interesting, and pretty to say the least, but I still don’t know what the game is.

Is it a Minecraft-Clone, an RPG, or an MMORPG?

It explains pretty much everything on the website, check it out:

Hmm, so I went ahead and backed the game… Now I just wait until mid-2015! :smile:

R.I.P my wallet. Damn you Adamo


Looks like I have to buy a new wallet to replace my dead one.

The wallet store has made a lot of money of me being that Steve is an effective wallet assassin.


glad you all found the game intriguing! :smiley:

and being a named partner is just icing on the cake!! I kid, I kid

I’ve been trying to find some gameplay footage, as the early backers have been told it’s OK to stream, post on YT, etc.

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Here’s a pretty good one:


yup, just watched that one too! :+1:

here’s another, where they two “cheese blocks” build a little starter home… :smile:


I backed the game and what i have seen until now is quite promising :slight_smile:
Also the forum is sprawling with idea and discussions which is nice.

After further research i discovered that the community sprawling with ideas is around 5 people. (who all submit quite a lot) which is not bad when there is only around 360 backers. There are more people on the forum though but they don’t use so much time sugesting things.

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Wow, I was just about to create a new thread for showcasing this game, good thing I searched first. :smile:. The game isn’t even out yet, and I’m already in love with it so much. I can’t get into the “Play Now” pre-alpha thingy, but I will save up and try to get the alpha perk. Also, I was thinking about starting and guild when the game starts, and if anyone is interested PM or if you have me on steam tell me. I really can’t wait to play this game!


I have yet to witness a kickstarted game project delivering a solid, satisfying product on time. Until I’ve seen that, I’m not going to spend another dollar on a “could be” game. Because what I see here see here is just a lot of “This is potential! Just look at that potential! Oh my god the potential!”. You can currently… walk around? Break some blocks? Place them? There’s hundreds of games that jumped on the Minecraft train after it became a success that offer you that, and some of those have lovely graphics too.

What I want in a game is depth, replayability and extendibility. I’m not going to play a game where the only thing to do is a bit of journeying around with little else to do.