Wall Mounted Laterns don't produce light when "clipped"

Title: Wall Mounted Laterns Don’t Produce Light When “Clipped”
Summary: If you place a wall mounted latern on a wall (say a house) and then do a slice or change vision mode to make the wall it is on invisible the latern no longer produces light
Steps to reproduce:
1) Create a house with a wall mounted lanter
2) Change vision mode to no walls
3) Change vision mode to walls
Expected Results: Light should still be shown on the ground and the area around it at step 2
Actual Results: The area around the “wall mounted latern” appears as though there is no light
Attachments: Step 2

Step 3

Versions and Mods: Develop-2176 Vanilla
System Information: Windows 7 | Intel® Core™ i7-3770 | NVIDIA GeForce GTX 600 Ti


Good catch :smile:
This sounds like a “lights not in view should not be rendered, for better performance” behavior. :confused:
But can be perfectly considered as a bug or unwanted behavior.


Yeah definately! And at this stage in the game it makes sense :wink: Still refining memory management i’m sure. This would probably be nice as an option to enable/disable! Loving this game SOOOOO much though!

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I have some more pictures and it also doesn’t produce the light that is supposed to render at night