No natural light

there is no light cast from the sun or moon,only torches and fires cast light. so i cant see during the day or away from light sources at night.

I don’t know how to resolve the issue and need help. it would be much appreciated.

hey there @xyzan … welcome aboard! :smile:

to better understand what you’re experiencing, can you take a screenshot, and post it to



sure thing, here’s a link to the pictures:
ive took a screenshot of both the day and night to show the problem.

Looking at the daytime light that is not normal, have you check if your graphics drivers are up to date?

i have not. how do i do that? and if they’re not how would i go about updating them?

Are you using the steam version?

yes, i am. is there a problem with the steam version?

Not for me at least but I ask as there may be an easier solution…

In the top left of steam under ‘Steam’ there’s an option to check if you graphics drivers are up to date, give that a try first I think as I imagine it should point you in the right direction…, failing that we would need to know what your graphics card is to direct you further :smile:

Ps. I’m just a random person on the forum I don’t help on behalf of Radiant

[edit] we would also need to know what version of windows you’re using.

In the case that steam doesn’t help, go to your control panel and search system, and I believe only your computers specs should pop up. Somewhere in there itvshould say something about your graphics card.

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hmm… for some reason those images aren’t coming up for me… could be that they are blocked (our corporate network acting up again)… will try again in a bit though… thanks for posting! :+1:


im afraid it doesn’t work for me either @SteveAdamo so it must be something with @xyzan link :confused:

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I’m able to see them on my phone, ine moment, I’ll reupload them.


Or not, it appears they’ve been deleted. I do remember how they looked though. Everything excluding the sky and thought bubbles were black during the day. At night only the small light of a campfire lit up the darkness. It made it look like a horror game.


it appears they have been deleted but yes @Dracorexion is right, that’s exactly how it looks @SteveAdamo I don’t know what solutions you can suggest

if you still have the screenshots, can you try uploading them again? perhaps to another image hosting site?