Light not inside Torch [NA]

Summary: Title says it all

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Place Torch

Expected Results:
light from torch
Actual Results:
light next to torch


Version Number and Mods in use:
868 with Smartcrafter and Primitive Weapons
System Information:
older I5 with 650gtx

Saw this as well. I think the light emitter is ok. But the torch does not connect to the wall correctly. It kind of floats in the air.

I noticed this with the cooks cauldron as well. The hot coals underneath weren’t aligned properly, so only half the pot was on em while my cook walked on the others.

EDIT: Ignore this, mod issue.

That is modded. I saw in someone’s video, but vanilla does not have fire below.

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Oh oops my bad. :sweat_smile: Now I just gotta figure out which one of the bazillion mods is doing it lol. Thanks for the heads up!!!

And dang, I saw it and was like “Wow they’ve already improved performance so much they’re startin’ to get fancy with the effects.”

The lantern is indeed vanilla and misaligned. FYI @malley.

Hmm, I’ll take a look - it should have a fire effect anyway, not a lantern.

The effect is fine, the torch just doesnt really attach cause the holder for the torch is missing in the sprite anyway and torch itself goes from up to down. It’s a great bit of new stuff we getting and I hope it’s not too big a deal to fix the torch. Really adds a feeling to your town

This is fixed now : ) - you’ll see it next release.

You’re awesome man ! Thanks for the superquick fix.


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