Hearthlings cannot figure out how to build my latest build?

building_templates.rar (40.3 KB)

I thought i had it all designed correctly but apparently something is wrong with the building. I have no clue what’s going on here because it says it’s highlighting the problem blocks in red, but it’s not. i don’t see anything wrong. someone help?

That template seems to make use of items from many mods, including finetems which is outdated (possibly not compatible with the current version).

The problem is this lamp here, if you delete it, the building can start to build:

the lamp always looks like that tho. it’s a wall-mounted ember lantern lol. it’s always orange lol.


The mod is outdated. Maybe the crafter can’t figure out to craft it because of that. Maybe it’s labeled incorrectly in some category.

Best bet is just to remove all outdated mods to be safe. And if you really like it reach out to the developer or update it yourself if you must.

even if the crafter can’t craft it, like due to a level issue or something it shouldn’t have an issue if i OWN ONE lol. which i DO.

I think the lamp might be missing some collision, because I couldn’t drag it while in design mode, either.
We have one item that suffers from the same, too, so it’s likely the cause.

that sucks. i wish that the mod would be updated to work properly with the latest build of the game :frowning: