Hearthlings cannot build my structure but there are no red blocks

I’ve seen a few forums on this but none seem to be helping. I designed an inn for my new town, nothing too ambitious and nothing too unlike any of my other structures, but it will not let me build it. It keeps saying that my hearthlings cannot figure out how to build it and none of the blocks “troublesome” blocks are red. My last couple designs for the same structure would show that error before turning completely red, so I made it smaller because i thought that maybe there was a size limit. Now no blocks are turning red and I don’t know what the issue is.

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Hello there :merry:

If you’re willing to share the template (you can host it on google drive or dropbox if not possible here) I can try figuring it out for you :jubilant:

does the bit of road overlap with another bit of road already built

here’s the template link:

Here they seem to be able to build it just fine… So the problem is not with the template itself but with the environment around it, there must be something contacting it in a way that the game doesn’t like much - probably something like another building, a road, etc.

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