Shadows (from sunlight) in sliced mode?

Title: Should sunlight shadows be rendered within caves (where there’s no sunlight)?

Summary: I’m not sure how I feel about this one, because I don’t know how it would look if they weren’t there. When changing to sliced mode we can see our cute caves. But thinking of the fact that no sunlight would reach there with such angle, well, such shadows wouldn’t be there. This would perhaps require a lot of work depending on how shadow rendering is done. And it’s a minor thing at the moment anyway :blush: But logically, caves would be very dark unless lanterns are placed…

Oh and a bonus thing (perhaps a real bug?):
Game was paused during screenshots (see character positions), but shadows are different for objects when in sliced mode. Interesting! It might be difficult to see when images are placed in this thread, much easier if both are downloaded and switching between them…

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Mine a cave.
  2. Change to slice mode.
  3. No profit?

Expected Results:
Darkness, no sunlight shadows where the sun doesn’t shine.

Actual Results:
Sunlight shadows… :wink:

See screenshots.


Versions and Mods:
No mods, latest test version at the time of reporting. Always been there though.

System Information:


I hate this myself.The cloud shadows under the mountain to:)

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Paging @not_owen_wilson and @Albert, this seems like a renderer/terrain issue to me.

It’s not an issue, it’s simply there because for now the engine don’t take into account inside/outside volumes. That will probably not be fixed right away I fear… :flushed:


As stated above I’ve seen that when using the Potter’s Kiln the light coming out of it passes into the underground
It’s not really important or anything but I felt like sharing anyway

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Hey there @Gredia, welcome to the Discourse! You are correct that light does travel through the terrain, you can see in the above image that shadows also go though!

Confirming this is still an issue in A19.