Wall furniture unusable after deleting a building house

So, the bug it’s kinda easy to understand… If you delete a work in progress building after that windows and doors are crafted those furnitures won’t be available for usage by the workers…
So, for example, if you buy an house with a door and while you are building it your crafter makes the door that will stay in the stockpile for ever if the building gets cancelled.

Hope this isn’t an already posted bug, if so, sorry I didn’t see it…
PS: Sorry for my english

I understand. It seems like a bug with the building mechanic. As far as we know, upgrading drivers and uninstalling then re-installing the game won’t help, as those are for the more severe bugs like crashing games, corrupted save files, and other goodies. Your only hope right now is to wait for the next swarm of bug fixes.

Yeah, just wanted to make sure that the team knows that

hi @Zavian… welcome aboard! :smile:

thanks for the report, and don’t worry, your English was just fine… :+1: