[Con] Unusable buildings

Somtimes buildings for examle tiny cottage or sleeping hall wont be used by citizen they cannot enter the building to sleep or remove the mean bed.

Steps to reproduce:
build several tiny cottages
remove all mean beds

Expected Result:
All mean beds will be returned to stockpile

Actual Result:
Some beds will remain in the cottages, because citizen cant enter them.

Alpha 7 r 183


I’ve restarted twice because of this bug. Whether or not I use a pre saved template or design a building from scratch, eventually at least one of my buildings becomes unusable/condemned. Workers refuse to enter/place items or furniture and it’s so annoying because there is no way to delete the building.

You can use the console to remove anything that is selectable in the game.

Select the object you’d like to delete, this can even be goblins that are going to overwhelm your Hearthlings.

The console can be opened and closed by pressing the tilde key, next to the 1 key.

Finally type the word “destroy”, (without the quotes), and press enter.

Note to make a building selectable you must be in the build tool, I also had to exit and re-enter the build tool to be able to select the entire building.

Wow thanks! That was also helpful for the baskets of berries that were stuck in the ground… When i saved and reloaded, however… the building I deleted was still showing… but I went in and out of build mode and it eventually disappeared again.

This also occurs for me.

Oddly if I delete part of the building, a wall part, it seems to be usable again but, of course, it’s now an incomplete building and I cannot rebuild the wall.