Wall direction in vision mode seems to be random

Wall direction in vision mode seems to be random.

Expected Results:

Actual Results:


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release-701 (x64). No Mods.

Were these free-standing or the auto-raised walls?

most of them look like auto raise wall @coasterspaul, to tell the difference free standing wall will go 12 voxels between each posted column, and auto raise will go from one end to the other till it will post a column, either to the end or corner to corner

In this screen capture, they are 100% auto raised. I ultimately added some free standing walls, but I used an older screenshot to reduce confusion. They obscured some of the auto raised walls.

All walls seem to be given an “outward” direction at placement. This could actually be fine for all auto placed walls, as to my knowledge, they are guaranteed to be a loop.

Free standing walls (FSW) are a separate issue, which I don’t have an immediate solution, so I left them out of this discussion. All looping FSW, should act like autoplaced walls. My first instinct would be all free standing walls connected to a looping wall, could derive their directionality from the attached looping wall. Non-connected, non-looping free standing walls probably need to be assigned always showing.

free standing wall will always match if u go left to right. To get what i said it was answering @coasterspaul for he didnt know, so i passed on some knowledge. the hard way to tell is the towers in the pic. the rest u could tell are auto raised as they are long till they post a column.