Visual Glitch on Road over Floor

Filled in a Goblin Camp Hole with a floor to test it out, then made a road through part of it, attached is result.


Still getting visual glitch in release 472. @Albert, should it even be possible to build a road on floor or vice versa?

Good question! I don’t think we’ve thought about this one yet,

If building over something is allowed, I think the AI should use the same procedure as building for the first time: mine the area first (remove the previous “road” or “floor”) and then build it. That would prevent the visual issues, and keep road/floor building consistent.

Still an issue in #a14r524::tag.

I just encountered this display problem with a freshly installed building over open terrain.

I saw it happen two times while building sectionals for a wall.

The first time I am not sure if they dug the foundation out properly first. The second time I watched them and am pretty sure that they did not dig the foundation out completely before laying the floor in.

First time: didn’t see what happened. Depending on the angle that I view the unit at, it glimmers between the floor texture I want and the desert sand.

Second building: did see (was paying attention) them fail to properly excavate entire foundation and they left a block in place and then finished foundation and building. Depending on the angle I view at, I can see a properly textured floor, or a floor with something that looks like 2 objects trying to occupy its space.

I saw a third building where this happened and it seemed to be under a corner post and so I didn’t care as much as it wasn’t visible (it was under a post). Also I wasn’t sure I had put foundation in that spot. I will check later today. I’m still not a pro with navigating the building editor and how to get back and forth through the menu.

I don’t know if the speed that I have the game set at has anything to do with this, didn’t seem to. I have 28 hearthlings. I don’t know if that matters. 5 workers, but I know some of the idle craftspeople are helping.

I think what is happening here (I say from experience) that this can happen when a far away hearthling is queued to mine some of the ground blocks, but before they can get there and do it, the other hearthlings say “Ok, we’re done removing, lets build!” Now, with the new mechanic of building multiple blocks at once, they can “build” into the grass/dirt/stone. That hearthling coming to mine then either can’t or won’t mine the still-existing ground.

This has caused me some headaches with making roads, and the only solution is to remove it, and rebuild it, hoping they get it right.

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It’s still an issue for sure. It would be nice if two buildings or floors overlap the the oldest one would take ownership of the space and remove the other constructions claim from the blueprint.

Or if I could manually dig out the offending block that seems to be there in the ground ‘under’ the foundation. I watched on and off while I finished the rest of this “big” project, and it was not reproduceable the steps that caused this, nor where in the floor it would happen. I built from the same saved templates, or from scratch custom work.

One time it just seemed to be an outright glitch, the foundation dug out but some ghost desert present. One time it was a foundation space not cleared. Another time though a foundation space wasn’t cleared and I thought for sure I would have this problem – and a hearthling ran up and dug it out even after the floor was laid down. I was impressed.

Another time, there had been a stone chunk where I put the building down but I did not want to wait for them to move it. It’s taken a year of in game time with moving things and getting it just right to get this big project done (things being off by a block and having to redo it so it fits…) so I figured eh what the heck… and I watched the block drop into the dug out foundation, figured I would get this glitch. Nope. When the floor was laid, the block popped up to be on top of the floor.

So I certainly can’t get it to reproduce. I don’t understand the mechanics enough to know why we can’t modify structures once built but that would certainly make it easy to fix without having to tear down and redo (if this ever happened in a spot where it would visually be a nuisance).

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