Villagers stop working

Have you tried suspending other activities just to see if it will force them to haul items? My thought is that if they are essentially “confused” by too many things (even if they’re not technically queued up) giving them only one valid choice could help sort out the AI. Then you will be lowering the number of tasks, and “uncluttering” the queue might enable them to go on their way again.

I have tried that. for now they dont have any building tasks so ive suspended that to see wether they haul more items or place the items that i told them to. I got all the needed resources to make furniture etc.

Just another funny picture :slightly_smiling: Putting chair in the Eagles nest.

ps: see that house on the background? its finished for sure. Eventho they rebuilt the ladders as if it aint finished

I have put workers 4 by 4. So i adapted their jobs. 4 are hauling, 4 are building, 4 are mining, none of them are doing jobs.
For the Job people, i set them only to Job, and some of them to Haul aswell.

The town is running now. So i guess they are indeed overasked by different things. That is something for the developers.
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ill upload my recent Save tommorrow.

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The current save file can be downloaded Here

by the way. Does anyone know how to add pictures to a certain object to make it valid for sharing and checking how it looks in game?

Sorry @Yohane1, I am not sure what you are asking here. Are you talking about the image for a building template, a custom object, a save…?

Its the Image for the building template actually

Not supported natively in the game yet. It is planned though…check out the thread below. For now you would have to take a screenshot by hand and add it into the saved-objects folder.

My Alpha 15 Township :slight_smile:

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