Villagers staying at old fireplace

So after designing the village i figured the spot where i started was not working for me so i moved it. I moved the fireplace and the banner at the same time with out any issues. But when villagers went idle something weird happend
Steps to reproduce:

  1. start village
  2. move fireplace and banner to different location
    3)wait for villagers to go idle

Expected Results:
villagers moving towards the new spot
Actual Results:
villagers sitting idle at teh old fireplace spot
So i moved it and several saves and a real life day later this was happening. Could have happend before but only now noticed it. Alerting the villagers on an attack the villagers did move to the banner location. Have not bought allot but i suppose that is added to the new location as well.

Version Number and Mods in use:
version 3177 with the debug tools and terrain color slab mod active
System Information:

Did they start sitting there before you broke ground for those buildings? Did you dig under when the fire pit was still there, or after you had already moved it?

i moved the fireplace and banner. I then placed some templates, roads and stuff. They build it and i was not happy about it. So i deleted it using debugtools which is why the ground is left like that. i’m not sure wether they did this when the housing was there seeing i only noticed it after.

Btw, you don’t need to have your banner with your campfire. I had them very far from each other and it is ok. The banner is where they seek when in alert mode (and other closer safety banners). The camp is where they sit at night when idle.

I see from the picture that they recognize the new place as it is on fire. It is just the sitting spots that got bugged. Did you try to move it again? And maybe save and reload? If it didn’t work, add your save file here so devs can take a look.

Can you upload the save please?

yes i did save reload and all that like i usally do when confronted by a bugg. I know you dont need them together but the were both in the way so i moved them both aside. I only moved them once.

I will check to see if the save before the removing of the buildings presents the same behavior. I will then upload any saves with this issue.

Edit: so i try’d moving the fireplace again but no change. Even a new arivel walked to the old spot. I’ve tested it out in the save that still has the buildings there to rule out if debugtools did anything with it. (4.8 MB)

@Doc_Brano, with the savefile you provided the hearthlings are going to the fireplace correctly, even when I move the firepit to another place.

Anyone else can double-check?

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I also couldn’t repro.

Did you happen to use the debug tools to teleport the firepit? Or just the normal in-game move command?


first time i used debug tools. Second time i let them transport it

huh, just curious, but why did you use debug tools over the actual destroy function of buildings?

force of habit i guess :slight_smile: its still not in my system that there is a good working take it al down instantly button

If the firepit is teleported while it is being used the hearthlings stay at the old place, but after moving it manually they go to the updated place correctly.

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