[Bug] !Firing_ Warning When Moving Populated Fireplace

Basically I was doing the normal first day stuff. At night time one of the guys started the fire and all the people all crowded around the fire. I went to move the fire-pit to a different location with the people around it, and as soon as someone hit the fire-pit the screen froze. When I got out of the screen (Stonehearth was still on and frozen) there was an error saying “Stonehearth Assertion Failed” and underneath that “!Firing_”. Once that is selected the game runs fine again. I’m not sure if this is meant to happen, but it did get me worried for a second.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Wait until night
  2. A minion should take a piece of wood and light the fire
  3. Wait until everyone moves around the fireplace and then move the fireplace to a different location.

Expected Results:
The fireplace to move and everyone to move.

Actual Results:
A warning saying:
“Stonehearth Assertion Failed”

And also this after returning to Stonehearth (ignore the camp thing being selected):

Tried multiple times and same thing happens.

Versions and Mods:
Alpha 2 Release 49 with no mods

thanks for the report @Paparoni… im almost certain i’ve seen this before though… :confused:

oh well, its logged here now! :smile:

Well, here are some bug reports about moving fire, but certainly not the same. Maybe in the other forum…

This one says the game crashes when you lit the fire and then move it (quite similar, if you read the last post).
And this other says that if you move the firepit the settlers won’t light it again.

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