[Res] [BUG] Fire Goes Out Once Moved

So, I finally took a break of Starbound and played more of Stonehearth. As the night rolled by, one of the settlers got a log and pt it into the pit. He then lit the log. Once the flames were up and going, I wanted to move the fire pit. I moved it to a different location. The character took the fire pit and move it to where I wanted it. Once it was moved, I expected one of the settlers to get a log and put it into the fire pit, and then lighting it on fire, but no one came over to put a log in and light it. A few minutes later, the fire suddenly started without anyone interacting with it.

It’s not a big bug, but It’s certainly is something to take care of.

come on @EpicDwarf, you know the drill… :wink:

I really don’t know where your getting at.

sorry… step #2 in the thread i referenced… basically, submitting a complete report, providing as much detail as you can, to help the team fully understand the bug… :+1:

Oh, I’ll edit the thread.

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