[NLA] Moving the Fire-pit while lit causes game to crash?

I think the title describes things clear enough. Moving the fire pit while unlit worked just fine, but after multiple attempts, moving the fire pit whilst lit causes everything to freeze. I can still go through menus and rotate the camera, but I cannot select anything or zoom the camera in or out. Kinda strange. :stuck_out_tongue: Surprised I didn’t see any topics on this yet.

Okay, thanks for the feedback, the official forum for bugs is over here so it would be nice for the devs sake if you could post it there

Wow. Never even heard of that place before just now. Crazy. Probably sign up for it some time when I’m more awake. >_>

Edit: Note to future self, check into this whole “I don’t see blueprints for houses when I go to build them” thing. Possible bug.

Thanks again even if it’s a possible bug posting it here is the best thing to do

Edit: mid way through coding, had some python on the clipboard rather than the web address :frowning:

That’s the plan.

And more characters so that I can make the post.

When the fire-pit is lit, it’ll make that notification sound thingy, there should be a little window you can select. It should say something along the lines of .firing(). Just close that window, and the game runs fine again. It also prevents this from happening there-after, until you close the game.