Blank/black screen bug

When i play Stonehearth every now and then this blank/ black screen appears with only a small gap with the game on. It happens every time i play without fail and iv tried lots of things but it would stop. I also tried to upload an image but it wont allow me as im “a new user” which is true but now non of you can see what i mean :confused: I hope you guys can see or know what im talking about. Thanks

Ps. i hope i dont get spam saying that its a re post because i looked and couldnt see the same problem :sweat_smile:

If you post a screenshot on steam or imgur, you’ll be able to link it here and someone can insert it here later.

Great idea! :smiley:

@jamiedonoX16 , welcome to the forum :smile:

Can you notice if when the screen becomes partially black, it’s when the firepit is being lit at night?