Bug: Game freezing but I can move camera and click on things

Summary: It’s like the game is lagging and restarting it does nothing. The bar at the bottom right corner keeps showing the “LUA” is taking up about 95% of the memory. Like I said, I can move the camera around and give new commands, but the characters will only move like an inch every few seconds. I waited a while and played again to give my CPU time to cool down because I know that can be a problem with games like GTA5, but the performance was still the same when I got back on.

I5-3570K CPU
GTX 660
Windows 7

firstly, i would like to welcome you to the discourse @TEDnator :smile:

secondly, the issue with lua spiking is known to freeze the game, were you perhaps in the process of building a house/structure higher then 3 stories?

as for some reason the game cant handle anything higher then 2 stories, but im sure the devs will fix that soon though.

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I don’t think so. The only thing being built was the default shared sleeping quarters. I’m thinking maybe it’s because I cut down a large forest and there was a lot of wood, berries, and silk on the ground waiting to be picked up. I’m just going to start a new save for now and hope it doesn’t happen again.

Edit: And I’m pretty sure the sleeping quarters was actually finished come to think of it so nothing was being built.

hmm… im not certain, but depending on just how large of a forested area you chopped down that may have been the cause.

and if all you were/had built was the shared sleeping quarters then that wouldnt have been the cause

oh wel great there goes my giant storage house

okay scrap that still moving slowly

welcome to the stonehearth discourse @delfiler

what were/are you doing when the game runs slow for you?

are you playing the 64-bit or 32-bit version of the game?

are you playing the humble bundle or steam download?

and if steam, do you have unstable builds active?

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i ws just playing the game have the 64-bit the steam download and i don’t use unstable builds and have release 375

ah sorry, i guess my question was unclear, what were you doing in-game

oh that well just clicked the green build button to build my giant storage house and a few minutes after i noticed the lua was way to high

how giant was the storehouse? and was it taller then 2 stories?

also, if you opt into “unstable” builds, this bug is now fixed :smile:

oh great table flips and it was like huge 5 stories high and 42 X 49 so yeah pretty big

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then that would have been the cause,

however, if you opt into betas on steam, this issue has been fixed in the latest build

okay well is there a way to fix my game now cause i did delete the building

well im uncertain, but i believe you may just have to start a new save, or opt into betas.

okay will try the second option first

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now that i think about it, @Albert said that saves are compatible between the two versions :smile:

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nope they aren’t well damn have to start over there goes 2 days of work sigh

does the game just have the “incompatible save” message? because that doesnt really mean anything, its more of just a warning that it may be buggy with the new version. since @Albert said that saves are compatible im pretty sure you can use your old save.

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well damn isn’t that bad right? and yeah it does but the lua problem stays