[A18 develop-3092] lag, sweet Cid above, the lag!

Sorry if my bug reports aren’t formatted quite properly, I haven’t been active here since a little before the combat update happened.

But in all honesty, I don’t know what it is or what is doing it, but my game is lagging severely. The game jitters a little bit even when I’ve just started a new world, and now that I have about 12 settlers, it’a approaching near-unplayable levels of lag. I’m not running any mods or anything, and I’m not even doing anything particularly taxing in-game, all of my buildings are templates and I rarely have more than one building at a time.

The odd thing is, unless I’m remembering incorrectly, back when I used to play the game a good deal, which was pre-performance update I believe, I could usually get up to about 20 settlers before my computer started eating it. And I’m still running the game on the same computer!

[details=Computer Specs]Intel® Core™ i5-4210U CPU @ 1.70GHz 2.40 GHz
8.00 GB RAM (7.88 usable)

I don’t know man. If I missed any info you might need, feel free to ask. I’d be willing to bet money that this is all just user error, but who knows.

I abandoned this game for too long and now its… freezing me out :wink::point_right::point_right:

@sheepasaurusrex what i would do is see if the {Send Bug reports} button is on. i find that when i turned that off i didnt really lag anymore.

I think that may have worked, thanks. I feel kind of bad about turning off anonymous bug reports, but oh well I guess, I’ll just report them here either way.

Yeah i felt bad but i mean its better than not being able to play the game lol

Valid point, valid point. That does beg the question though of why exactly having that setting on causes the game to suffer. What exactly is it doing? I thought bug reporting only did anything when the game crashes or something

It did state that it wanted to see when you upgraded your villagers, and to what, stuff like that so that they could help improve stuff, but i think its trying to work harder than it should. Something along those lines.