Massive slow down because of scaffolding

So i was busy making a vid on my bridge designing and building. They build it with out fail for as far as i could tell. As always they placed a massive amount of scaffolting but in the past that was not really an issue.

This time how ever there was some mayor slow down the moment they started tearing down the scaffolting. It was the first structure in a brand new game. Had only 7 citizens, almost no food and only a carpenter and 1 farmer. Only the farmer had a job to do while the others were busy with the structure. I took the vid part showing the massive lagg spike and the ongoing slow down of the game even when lowering all settings and also continued after a save/restart. Maby someone can explain why i’m having so much issue’s early in the game since the last update.

added stonehearth log:
stonehearth.log (854.4 KB)

Kinda of pc you got ?

It seems related to the pathfinder. In any case, if you tried playing with normal speed, would it lag that much?

even with the speed at its lowest the lagg is huge. The moment the scaffolting was gone the lagg disappeared and everything was running fine. They did leave some scaffolting up there but with some manual stairs placing the removed that to.

It almost looks to me the same issue as with to large a mining area. not sure if that makes sense

I think @not_owen_wilson was working on fixing/improving the issues about excess of scaffolding too.
Hopefully it will help with the lag.

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