[Con] [1633] Framerate goes death upon building extra large building

Had an idea to start a 50 block by 25 block large warehouse. Soon as I start the contruction the game basically slows down to 1fps (lol) but this only happens when building the floor and the roof, not the wall.

No error at all, so I just waited for it to be completed.

Can confirm this…

Noticeable FPS lag whilst the floor (JUST the floor) of the castle below is built:

Edit: Quick update, it only happened when the workers were actually working on the building. When they left it to go eat, FPS shot up, the game played smoothly, etc.

Edit 2: Single-digit FPS at the moment, with 4 people building the castle :frowning: . Oh and can @SteveAdamo or someone pop this into the Active Bugs section please :slight_smile: ?

Edit 3: Forgot my computer stats…

Intel i7 (3.2GHz), 12GB RAM, GeForce 780 GTX, Win7 x64, Steam / Stonehearth using 1TB HDD, Win7 etc using 256GB SSD.

Edit 4: Going to leave it running overnight & see what happens (ignores the whimpering sounds coming from the computer) :slight_smile:


hey there @Houten … interesting find! :+1:

done and done… :smile:

For me it only drops when they are working on the floor mostly! The walls arent as bad!

floor and roofs extra large buildings 1 block placed every 10 to 12 seconds. Takes hours to build something. walls aren’t too bad they’re about normal.This was in last patch too but I didn’t get it posted.

Quick update - my Stonehearth crashed some time during the night ( :frowning: ). Still, I’ve got a save, so I might try running it again today (thank god for Patrick O’Brian in that case :stuck_out_tongue: )…

Commanding an insane amount of harvesting also triggers this issue.

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In my case it’s the roof what is more cpu intensive, probably due to its complex shape and pathfinder calculations.

I have the same thing happen to me many times during this phase of recent release. Not sure why? I got a pretty solid PC that can handle super HD games, It seems to struggle with Stonehearth??

Same issue. Was about to Create a topic but this SUPER awesome amazing Forums said this one was like mine and it exactly is. Just wanted to bring to attention I still have the issue and even tho I am sure it is currently being worked on… Just figured I would say I am still having said issue :slight_smile:

I found this issue also. My guess it has to do with logic for the builders. When you assign a large area (i.e. floor, roof, too much harvesting), the A.I. might be trying to resolve it’s pathing solution. This code probably isn’t optimized for scalability yet, so it eats up your CPU. This would explain why your beefy/solid GPU has no affect. Just a thought. I could be way off.

Can certainly confirm, and will also confirm that the roof causes the same issue. I believe it is a pathing issue, and since it has to do with the two parts of construction that don’t have fixed build orders (walls have to build up, columns the same) I think it is a scaling doohickey as well. It also gets much, much worse when multiple workers decide to work on it, probably trying to path everywhere at once before deciding on a location or somesuch.

I am currently experiencing it right now. Noticing its been going on for a while.

Im building a large building as a store room and its gone so slow (Im not sure if there is a way for me to check my FPS in game) but if I were to guess it would be about 2fps

Was going to add gif of workers but it wouldn’t let me, im a new user

hey there @airxzen … welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to toss the image up to imgur.com and I can embed it directly for you…


I have found being in another windows (I have to monitors) improves the speed slightly by about a frame or so, So does going into X-Ray Full/Flat view.

They are now on to the walls and they are going slightly faster. I also found that I had 1 worker who woiuldn’t fight when I turned Red Alert Mode on. (Mason) She would simply just keep digging and that made the Frame rate go back to normal, anymore then 1 worker and the frame rate plummets.

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Can’t tell if slow loading gif or slow framerate. :wink:

I get this also when assigning large (but not really that large) areas to mine on my old Core 2 Duo. I think it’s just all of the logic. Each person looks at all of the outstanding tasks that can currently be accomplished, decides building/digging is the task they’re going to do, then goes and does that task. Each build/dig task is likely just a single voxel.

Then they have to repeat the entire process, each time notifying all other people what they are doing so no two people do the same thing. It’s a slow process and I think we’ll see a lot of improvement but it’s undoubtedly a huge challenge.

Yeah! At first I was like “Wow, this gif rendered badly” but in actuality it is just that slow,
I managed to get the building built and the game is running fine. (There was a mishap and the game crashed and 3/4 of my progress on the building, that was frustrating)

I understand its a huge challenge and i’m loving the game so far, I have not stopped playing it since i got it.

Hmm. Okay, so most large buildings are built on a flat surface, no? Perhaps something like this could be done to reduce the CPU cycles required? @sdee?

“If floor area is directly atop another complete & flat surface (check this every X seconds in case someone mines from underneath), then set whole area to path-able, else do standard pathfinding”

Worst case, hearthlings walk on the dirt through the floor, but at least it’d avoid the FPS lag we’re getting ATM.

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