Any suggestions with this building type (will it cause lag or problems

It’s only two stories so building it shouldn’t cause lag unless the sheer size of the thing will cause lag. The only way to know is to attempt buildig it.

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Depends… what are your system specs?

That’d definitely be a lagger on my computer, just because of the sheer size of the roof, on a second storey.

@Dracorexion i will report my findings on lag when it is completed there building it right now so probs be a few game days

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By the looks of it, your computer is newer than mine. You might not have much lag building it in that case.

Also, I was just noticing your “Screen Capture” chrome tab… here’s a quick tip:

Pressing the ‘Print Screen’ key saves your screen into the clipboard. It can be directly pasted into discourse, facebook, MSpaint, etc.

i use The Screen Capture Utility to save my prnt screen keypresses then drag and drop the save files into this page

day 5 progress report

night 8 1 zombie vs 8 hearthlings i wonder who will win LOL


it will start to lag once a bunch of ladders and scaffolding is placed. I made a castle wall that was roughly 80 blocks long and 10 blocks wide with towers, turrets, and gatehouse…it started off great and then i got an error message from the game about scaffolding and then it lagged really bad…the lag got worse and your clicks wouldn’t do anything. it would lag so bad that after you force shut the game, you couldn’t run the game again until you restarted your if it starts to lag, use the IB command to save your game from crashing.

but the lag is only during construction and a few minutes after construction as the pathfinder and lua adapts to the new structure

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turrets ( working or naw)

turrets as in sentry guns? no i meant turrets as in “a small tower on top of a larger tower or at the corner of a building or wall, typically of a castle.” -dictionary

they are functional as aesthetics and accessible by hearthlings