Game breaking bug while building

I recreated a castle with 3 stories from a previous alpha but now as a single structure. It contained no slabs as it refused to build otherwise. My hearthlings built the first floor with no issues. As soon as they started work on the second floor the game started getting some pretty bad spikes in performance. The in game debug tool showed LUA being the culprit. Based on the way it was spiking I will take a WAG and claim it was some recursive function making too many calls.

Building continued on the second floor fine other than the spikes in performance. As soon as the last voxel was layed for the second floor and work on the third floor should of began however everything just broke. I was able to save the game, and I quit out of frustration.

Now if I reload the game, I might as well start with what actually does work still. You can still move around the camera, you can open the steam overlay, and finally all the ladders that should of been placed to begin work on the third floor also appeared. The menu’s and HUD gone, I don’t even know if the game is paused, but I highly doubt it since it just hung up on its own. Below is a screenshot of the game upon loading, the game save file, and the building template.

Hope this helps fix the problem :slight_smile:

Save file

Castle Template

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the massive LUA spikes have been reported over here,

and i believe that the UI missing upon load has also been reported.

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They may of been reported, but I am reporting exactly what occurred in my game breaking bug where the game literally just stops functioning. You list everything that occurred in a proper bug report, thanks though :slight_smile:

i appreciate that actually, as it can really help TR find ways to reproduce bugs :smile: