Apparently Lua doesn't like my building :L

It’s running at like 1 frame every 3 seconds lolz

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I literally just had this as well. Took about a half hour/35 minutes to complete a three-story wood house, with the top floor being especially cruel to the lua for some reason.

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Is it the building that cause this? Will it stop when they’re done?

When my structure finally was built, yes, it sped back up. However, something I did freaked out the lua and pathfinder, so I couldn’t play too much farther. Not certain if this was caused by the structure in question, more likely the way I was trying to build it.

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Yea, after its done building (took an hour for mine) it goes back to normal as if nothing was ever wrong

I can also confirm this, No matter how big or small the buildings are it still does it, The bar goes full blue, Hearthling places a block, 10 / 30 seconds later places another - repeat till roof is done. The sad part is my current town almost as big as the world currently, To build the roofs like this or not is the question!

Me too. After the building was done it was fine for another hour or so, but then it started again although not as bad as before.