Performance Issues

I have always played Stonehearth with no problem, mainly just in saves with towns with 2000 max. worth.
I just recently got a big town about 4000 Worth and all of the sudden I have lag.
I don’t have a bad computer, I am not gonna take the time to take down my specs but I got an i7 than can run high performance games like h1z1, dota 2, counter-strike.
I also have all the graphics on the minimum.
Does anyone have a fix?

is the LUA maxing out perhaps? you can tell by checking the little bar in the bottom corner, if its almost completely blue, then the lua is maxing out.

Yeah it jumps to like around 90% then around 60% then around 90% again
What does that mean?

well the LUA is known to cuase performance issues when it hits 90+, to my knowledge TR is looking into this problem.

what exactly were you doing in game when it hit 90?

Well I guess you can say that I was building a huge building

well currently building anything higher then 2 stories causes massive amounts of lag, and lua maxes out.

So will it stop once It’s finished building?

it should. if you want you could try using the IB command to auto-build it, then it should go back to normal.

I waited about 1 day after I insta built and the structure, and well it only lowered the lag. Now it only jumps from 10% to ~60%. But I still don’t like playing the game with lag.
Any other fix?

hmm… anything else your doing that could be causing lua to max out?

No Idea, have you ever seen this problem before?

many times before this, in fact i should probably find a related thread and merge them.