Gameworld stops from LUA maxing out

Very bad bug here, whole town stop’s working except guards

from the picture it appears that LUA is maxed out.

is there any way to fix it

if your a building is being built, then open the console (left ctrl + left shift + c) select the building, then type ib into the console and press enter, this will inst-build the structure.

the reason i say to do this is that sometimes buildings can cause lua to max out.

Tried is says lua error

okay fixed the buildings but still has extremely high LUA world still has stopped

I wish to have some aid in this so I may proceed in testing.

sorry for me being away, but food distracted me… (like usual…)

im actually not certain on all the ways to fix lua maxing out, @SteveAdamo @Relyss know more about it, i think… (gosh, i need to pay more attention to fixing bugs…instead of food…)

It’s a known issue. Tony was working on it during his last stream. I think he is looking at moving building from the current AI system to a more efficient AI to reduce the LUA overhead (They did this with farming for good results)

There is no work around for this. You’ll just have to wait till it’s fixed.

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Still super high and stalling my game time, I tried Ib in console still huge LUA

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