[Dup] Game begins to stutter when

Stonehearth Alpha 10 (release 293), x64 build

Problem description:
When trying to build the 3rd or 4th level of a taller building, Lua begins to take up to 80%-90%. Each time a worker lays down a block (wall, pillar or floor) all workers seems to pause for a second (and particle effects are likewise suspended). While this pause happens I can move the camera around freely, without any stutters.

How to replicate:
Build a building with around 8 levels, the pauses should begin when the 3rd or 4th level is being build. I have included the schematics for a minimal tower that creates the problems, as well as a far more complicated keep where the problems show up about at the same time.

The files will obviously need to be renamed…

If more information is needed, please say so.

tower.json.txt (91.3 KB) json.txt
keep.json.txt (379.5 KB) json.txt

DxDiag.txt (591 Bytes)

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