Scaffolding error and frame drop issue

I have had a couple few errors pop up. seems like something has stopped me from placing and buildings down also. I would upload 2 screenshots but I am not allowed due to being a new user so I uploaded them to Imgur

Imgur: The magic of the Internet & Imgur: The magic of the Internet

Also the frame drop problem could be linked to some of the errors but I am not sure.

Hope this help you with being able to fix the problems.

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Thanks for reporting, I’ve embedded your images. :thumbsup:

Thank you for the welcome :smiley: & Thank you for making an absolutely awesome game! :slight_smile:

Oh my, people keep mistaking me with one of the devs :flushed:

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Shhh I knew that :stuck_out_tongue: You are doing a good job as well! :slight_smile:

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I have recorded some gameplay and the errors began 4th video in, It is not published until tomorrow 10pm GMT(+0) but here is the video if Devs want to watch first hand: -Errors occuring- StoneHearth (Alpha 10.5) #4

Hopefully it can be viewed, If not I will change it to unlisted or private on YouTube :slight_smile:

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