Error loop - update_scaffolding_size

it kinda froze and stuck like that, then I shut it down completely and it just doesnt work at all. and when I restart I get the image above. all I was trying to do was build a blacksmith house.

Alpha 12 unstable version.

Any help with what I should do?

Sounds like the same problem as in this thread - maybe merge the two topics?

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i can unpause my game, its the error loads that freeze it up.

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It looks like it has something todo with the scaffolding update

Welcome to the forum, @Simica_Na
I’m sorry that you’re having that problem. Do you have any saves from before that one?

The error is being fired in a loop, so you can’t use that savefile any more, it’ll take all your memory. Paging @Albert for example so someone can take a look at the error…

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I think Tony just fixed this bug on our internal build.


Thank you for the welcome, by the way, ADORING the game.

Yes, I have resorted to using a previous save. Thankfully I save often due to I can only play 30 min max before having to restart, to keep my little guys working. lol

And that is exactly what is going on as well. And I dont have a cheap PC that freezes often by any means.

This is it all completed.


Off topic but needed to post. I love how you did your paving stone paths :smiley: