Game just freezes?

is anyone else having this issue? the game just seems to freeze, sometimes it comes back sometimes it doesn’t. i finally got an error message, here it is:

It looks like the usage bar in the lower right is completely blue, so I’d say your LUA is hitting 100% and lagging the game. This is an issue a lot of us are having. How long have you been playing this particular session? Also as @xXSlimeyXx stated, specs?

not sure how to check the specs of my computer. but it’s relatively new with a pretty new video card and plenty of ram. I have no problems running newer first person shooters. Battlefield 4, MKX…

i was attempting to build a 3 storey circular tower which I think was the culprit. anytime i loaded the game and deleted the 3 story tower it was ok…

ah yes, buildings higher then 2 stories currently cause lua to spike. so for now just stick to no more then 2 stories on your buildings.

found it :smile:

Computer specs are pretty solid so once the LUA spikes are handled you shouldn’t have any issues.