Bug: Cannot move town banner or placed firepits

I constructed a plaza for mt fountains/banner/firepits and after it was completed I tried to move the town banner and the two firepits I have on to it. Setting them to be moved will not show the green move arrow above the items and hearthlings ignore them. I also tried undeploying them with the same result. The ghost images of items meant to be placed are there. The plaza has been built for quite some time and several other buildings have gone up since then.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Create a plaza from the road construction tool.
  2. Place the town banner and/or firepits on it

Expected Results:
A pretty plaza with an inspiring banner and a fire show

Actual Results:
A road…



Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 21 release 707 (x64)

System Information:
Intel® Core™ i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40 GHz 16GB ram Windows 10 64 bit

The plaza is not complete. There were items that have become part of the template and haven’t been placed yet.
If it was completely finished, it would have let you move them, I think. I was able to move them to another road / building that were already finished.

The issue with the firepits might be that you don’t have a place to store them? I created a tiny stockpile and they were able to undeploy them, although you have duplicate ghosts in the plaza so you’d need another 2 firepits.

This has been reported before, regarding to building, but I can’t find a related report right now. :confused:

I have made a couple of threads under suggestions about this issue. We just need the camp standard to be undeployable. Or not having the option to place in builds :smile:

Or, the option to build new ones – I’m sure that would be useful for more than just decorations, although it might confuse the game I reckon that the dev team can come up with a way to have multiple functioning town banners.

@Relyss I think the firepit issue might have to do with its “tags”, since it can only be put into a stockpile/container that allows “all”. Isn’t a firepit categorized into one of the existing slots?

Also, could you please make them sellable, even if for only one gold? I have ended up with multiples that I just have to destroy with the console if I don’t want to deal with a firepit lying around somewhere I don’t want one, or worse taking up a slot in a container that is then stuck that way.

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I remind you that there exists a Clear tool in the harvest menu (big red cross). Which works just like the other draggable tools, and makes your hearthlings destroy unwanted items in the world. No need for typing in the console.

And yes, [quote=“Relyss, post:2, topic:29683”]
The issue with the firepits might be that you don’t have a place to store them? I created a tiny stockpile and they were able to undeploy them

this was referencing the bug with the category.

I can undeploy the banner using a combination of existing in-game features :wink:
The problem with this is that the banner is used to drop bought items and rewards from quests, and if it isn’t deployed in the world, we don’t know where to spawn those items, because even picking a standard place (let’s say, the center of your town) doesn’t guarantee that there’s no objects in there, like buildings, or whatever, that would make those items hard to retrieve. :disappointed:

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What about the ability to craft new ones then? We have the safetystandard (even though its white and not very decorative) It has a similar function, why not give it the same options as the camp standard? I bet there is something that im not aware of with this, but i get so frustrated with ghost items on my builds haha :jubilant: