Villagers don't go into recovery after a rescue

About 10% of the time when a villager goes unconscious and has to be rescued, they don’t go into recovery when they’re put in a bed. They just lie in bed and continue to lose health and still have the button to rescue them available. No matter how many times I rescue them, they get stuck in this state.

Saving the game and reloading solves the problem, but the bug returns as soon as I have another wave of villagers that need to be rescued.

It basically forces me to save and reload every time my village gets attacked. I haven’t found any pattern for what exactly triggers the bug.

No mods installed, running on Windows 7 with Steam.

Could you upload one of the affected savefiles?

Weird that it solves on reload, I’ve seen reports about this in the past and they were losing health on the bed even after loading their savefiles. I think we recently did something to try fix this, but not sure if it made it to A22-5. :thinking:

Did you see the rescuer dropping the rescuee before he gets laid on the bed? As if something else interrupted the rescue, like the rescuer going to eat or going back to combat or something.