[Bug] Three citizens will neither revive nor die?

After the town was overrun, some citizens just won’t die.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. … lose.
  2. Before losing, I had roughly 25 hearthlings.

Expected Results:
All beat-down hearthlings should die eventually.

Actual Results:
Three hearthlings lay knocked out for days without dying. An eventual new arrival couldn’t help them though, as the town remained occupied.

If this is expected behaviour, please clarify. It seemed weird for three hearthlings to neither die nor stand back up, but given that the remaining resources allow for new hearthlings to arrive, possibly enabling them to rescue the remaining citizens, it might be desirable.

Also, the lethal attack followed a period of two in-game weeks without any invasions (leaving my archers at level 1).


Version Number and Mods in use:
No mods.
release-698 (x64)

System Information:
Windows 10 64bit

Could you please upload that savefile so that we can determine why they weren’t rescued?

To clarify: The remaining three hearthlings were not saved, because no one was alive and conscious to do the rescueing. The next hearthlings to arrive were killed of by badly-timed follow-up invaders.

I let it run for a while longer, until a newly-arriving hearthling survived long enough to do the rescueing, and thus the savegame has since been overwritten (Autosave).

What I considered a possible bug was that some hearthlings did not die, despite not being rescued. Seeing how this allowed my town to recuperate, I suppose it is intended behaviour after all?


They die, but they take some time. See the black to transparent heart over their heads? That’s the meter of how much time they have left (more than enough to allow for someone to come to the rescue, after finishing combat or whatever you need). Once it becomes completely empty, the hearthling dies and drops the tombstone / items he was carrying.

If you play the game at a higher speed, you should see the heart becoming empty over time.

When my town was attacked, my hearthlings fell within minutes (at highest speed).

Then over a few minutes I had every few seconds “Celia died”, “Wynd died”, etc; At three remaining (unconcious) citizens, it stopped.

Those remaining three didn’t die for several in-game days. So something seems to have messed with their timers.

I was overrun again; This time 7 hearthlings remain unconcious at 0 HP, but won’t die.

I left the game running for 2 hours at Super Speed setting, and intentionally ignored daily-summaries to prevent new arrivals.

This time I captured the savegame (after the 2 hours).

auto_save.zip (8.6 MB)

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Yup, I think this is a bug caused by save-load.
There were definitely some cases on save-load that we might not have fixed yet.

Thanks for the savefile!