[Dup] [Alpha 4] Saving places non-worker class villagers in ground

Upon reloading a saved game, all non-worker classed villagers (Trappers, Farmers, Carpenters, Footman, etc.) are found partially buried in the ground with only their head visible. These villagers are no longer functional, and cannot move or perform tasks of any kind.

Reloading the save does not fix the problem, and no workable solution is visible.

Steps to reproduce:
I’m unsure whether or not this had anything to do with it, but I had recieved a new villager as a Footman and the game threw an LUA error. The Footman did not show up on my list of villagers even as he patrolled through my town and selecting anything did not display it’s listed name in the bottom-left corner of the screen. It’s then when I saved and reloaded. With this in mind, the steps to replicate are:

  1. Receive new villager (possibly of a class other than base worker)
  2. Save game
  3. Reload game

Expected Results:
Properly reloaded game with functioning villagers.

Actual Results:
All non-worker villagers (half population) rendered useless.

Again, I’m not sure if the two errors are related, or perhaps it was the fact the game was saved after an error was thrown about the new recruit to the village.

Can upload save file upon request

Versions and Mods:
I’m running Stonehearth v0.1.0 (release 122), Alpha 4.

System Information:
Windows 7 Professional 64 | AMD fx 8350 Eight-Core Processor ~4GHz | 8GB RAM | Radeon HD 7970

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