Village Flag Bug

(Alpha 8 build 2083)
After I click the blue village flag to bring up the village overview screen I got this error:

Uncaught Error: Property set failed: object in path “context” couldnot be found or was destroyed.
line number
Char offset

and then it doesn’t bring up the village overview screen. so you click the flag again to bring it up. The overview screen comes up fine, but the inventory and journal are completely empty and the date on the journal just says today. Usually a save and reload fixes this but its only a temp fix as I have had it happen as often as 5 times in a 3 hour game.

One thing I did note about 15 minutes after I saved and reloaded to fix this on my most recent game for some reason when I did the reload the Citizens list didn’t load, but was back when I did a second save and reload.