Reload UI Error (broke basically everything)

So while I was building my town in r875, I put a road down and decided to name it. However, I couldn’t think of a name so I left it blank and began to move it. When I let go of my mouse button after moving it, I got a UI error - couldn’t find anything familiar or make sense of any of the lines in the report - and it told me to reload. UI errors were never really a big deal so I did. Then it asked me to reload again. And again. And again. After about 5 reloads, I decided to just close the window out.

That was a mistake, because then I was left with no UI at all and I wasn’t able to click anything. I could bring the menu up just fine, and navigate to my last save, but I couldn’t click load or save or exit game or anything. So I force-closed Stonehearth and went to reopen, and at the main menu I met the same problem. Can’t reload a single one of my saves and I can’t even start a new game.

As of yet I haven’t tried reinstalling Stonehearth but I’m going to right now. This happened yesterday and I still don’t really know what caused it or why it’s affecting literally the entire game.

Ok, so it seems that in order to fix the issue I had to completely delete my Stonehearth folder from my computer and reinstall it through Steam. After reinstalling I was able to create a new game, exit to the main menu, all that. I took the auto-save from my old game (where the bug occurred) and place it in my new saved_game folder and I was able to load that just fine.

Before completely reinstalling Stonehearth I copied the folder, although regrettably this wasn’t before I uninstalled it through Steam. Not sure if there’s going to be crash logs or anything left, but I guess in the mean time roads/custom buildings don’t like to be left without names.

This could be related to the templates bug from another thread. Not sure exactly what is wrong, but the UI fails to load because of an error reading the templates I think. Removing the offending templates by changing the template folder’s name fixes the problem.

This is fixed in the next release.

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