Bug reports-building houses and random bug report

i would show a screenshot but apparently I’m not allowed to yet - while building a grand hall of sorts i cut a few block’s away to place a wall between two rooms the hall looked like a L shape with the lower part of the L being a semi separate room but when i tried to create walls using the auto function it didn’t like it and built half the room and brought up a log with two lines
radiant/lib/emv.lua: points are not sorted
c++ exeption:lua runtime error
also when my carpenter decided to go all Rambo at a goblin they were killed and another log appeared but i don’t know what(if anything) happened or if something happened off screen to do with something else
uncaught error : property set failed : object in path “context” could not be found or was destroyed
some red lines and 3098
then a link-http://radiant/stonehearth/ui/root/js/libs/ember-1.5.1.js
hope whatever it is gets fixed and it stonehearth grows into a great game

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welcome aboard @ampwire! :smile:

feel free to toss up an image to something like imgur.com in the interim, and either @Geoffers747 or myself can edit your post to embed the image directly…

happy bug hunting! :+1:

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i have had a similar issue with building houses in the 1687 build
here is the screen shot of said issue

Addendum: trying to reset the build command one section of the house will be built, also they did not start with the floor as in other house builds.

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